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Dehler manuals and information

Damage to site

A hacker seems to have damaged the site and all of the Dropbox manuals etc for download have been destroyed.  Its hard work reassembling them.  There are a few manuals that I can't locate and if you see errors and omissions I would be grateful if you could email me any replacements or additions to include. 

If you wouldlike to add a manual, leaflet or article to our library in any language please email and I will upload it.

The following items are available for download now:

Dehler model codes until 2007

Dehler 22 Van de Stadt Handbook - English

Dehler 25CR judel/vrolijk Handbook - English

Dehler 28S Van de Stadt Handbook - German

Dehler 31_34 Van de Stadt Handbook - English

Dehler 31_34 Van de Stadt Electrical diagram

Dehler 32 Van de Stadt Rigging

Dehler 35CWS Rigging details

Dehler 35 Handbook - English

Dehler 36CWS Van de Stadt Handbook - German

Dehler 36CWS Van de Stadt Handbook - English

Dehler 36SQ judel/vrolijk Handbook - English

Dehler 37CR Van de Stadt Handbook - English

Dehler 39 judel/vrolijk Handbook - English

Dehler 41CR judel/vrolijk Handbook - English

Dehler 41DS judel/vrolijk Handbook - English

Dehler 35CWS Van de Stadt Handbook - English

Dehler 35CWS Van de Stadt - leaflet - English

Dehler 35 judel/vrolijk Handbook - English

Propeller test - Yachting Monthly - English

Rig details and data

Dehler 18

Dehler 22

Dehler 25CR

Dehler 28

Dehler 29

Dehler 32

Dehler 36

We have information concerning other Dehler yachts so email me if your yacht is not shown here.


Dehler videos

Dehler 31 crash test

Dehler 25CR under sail

Dehler Optima 101 - Segelyacht ASGAARD

Dehler 34 Optima 106 - Yachting Company Mz

Dehler 34 Nova Top - Yachting Company Mz

Dehler 38 review - Yachting Monthly

Dehler 38 review -  Yachting World

Dehler 38 test - Morten Brandt

Dehler 38 review - valaemotoreedisport

Dehler 38 review - West Yachting

Dehler 37CWS review - Yachting Company Mz

Dehler 41 and 45 - Windcraft

Dehler 28 - Sailing World yacht Brokers

Dehler 32 - West Yachting

Dehler 35 CWS review - caribeanmarket

Dehler 35SQ review - London Boat Show

Dehler 35SQ review - west Yachting

Dehler 34 - Yachtbroker Lemmer nauti

Dehler 34 review - Yachting Monthly

Dehler Duetta 94 - broker yachtgrot

Dehler 41CR - Yachting Company Mz

Dehler 41 - venenetti

Dehler 36SQ - Yachting Company Mz

Dehler 44 in action - Menno Borst