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Dehler projects

Dehler 34

This contribution and query is from the owner of a Dehler 34 - it may be of assistance to other pre-Top Dehler 34 owners.

The steering ′bump-stop′ on the 34 is a bracket on an annular ring, fixed to the rudder stock by cap head screws only, through threaded holes. On the pre Top′ models the bracket and ring appears to be of a soft alloy and certainly is not strong enough to withstand a hasty wheel spin while going astern. While the ′Top′ models seem to have a stainless steel version, it is not clear from a brief comparison, whether the bracketry is interchangeable. I know that a jammed rudder incident occurred to a 34 owner because of this weakness and I would like to modify my own system -it would be helpful to know if the later ′Top′equipment would fit - and are the spares available? On my last boat I fitted a Whitlock ′Cobra′ stop at the base of the pedestal, but there does not appear to be space for this on the underside of the Dehler 34 cockpit.

See the Forum for further discussion on this 

Dehler 35
Several owners are interested in fabricated stemhead units for Deher 35s. We would be very grateful for details of any of these fittings including a photo if possible.

From Harry in Ireland - Interested to see issues with the Dehler Stem Head Roller...... Our Stem Head Roller fitting broke in two last summer while Luise was on
her mooring, the break running from between the twin rollers aft and
diagonally to port . Photos attached.
The mooring cable was lead over the port roller at the time so the
broken piece vanished down the cable! Have not been able to establish
whether the strains imposed by a summer storm, shortly before it broke,
was the reason or if another boat collided with Luise. No other damage
apart from some minor gelcoat damage to the stem and just below the
fitting, easily fixed. There was a little white substance on the mooring
cable which could have been gel coat (but that could have come from
Luise), plus a little of some brown substance which could have been teak
rubbing (definitely not from Luise). No really conclusive clues there. Not terrible surprised as I never had great faith in the fitting anyway
which is (was!) cast aluminium! Found it quite soft when I drilled it to
fit pins over the rollers to stop the mooring cable hopping off during
wave surges.

Harry Shaw
D34 ′Luise′