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PC Plotter

PC Plotter has all the features that one would expect in a chart plotter.


With many additions including heading and distance for route legs, route library and display more than one route at the same time.

It can interface with GPS, AIS, weather and tidal data and radar information.

Designed to operate with Navionics charts it is simple to set-up and can process and display NMEA data streams from instruments, AIS, GPS and radar units.  With the latest Navionics charts – issued after mid year 2010 - charts can be downloaded onto the hard disc to give a seamless rendition of the areas covered.  PC Plotter can also use older Navionics charts when used with a Navionics card reader.

The programme uses little computing power and works well on small fanless PC or net books if required and can be used with any version of Windows from XP onwards. 

The toolbars can be customised to suit requirements and instrument data can be selected and displayed anywhere on the screen.  Icons can be sized to suit the display size and a set of larger icons can be selected where a touchscreen display is used.

A duplicate display (PC permitting) could be used in the cockpit to show any instrument data and or chart information. 

Waypoints can created easily - simply drop them on the chart where you want them and let PC Plotter use the chart tidal data and boat speed to calculate the time and heading for each leg of your course and also calculate the optimum time for departure.  The waypoints can be saved in a number of formats and transferred to a dedicated chartplotter.  Keypad shrtcuts can be used to zoom in and out of the chart and move around the chart.

Using a security key the program can be used on any PC.

Download PCPlotter S on three PCs  


TIKI Gold 2.0

TIKI Navionics GOLD 2.0 has a clear and distinctive presentation and uses an intuitive interface.  It uses big menu buttons that are hidden when not required.

Download a TIKIGOLD demonstration program here


Navigation PLANNER7

Latest version of navigation PLANNER uses embedded tides in Navionics charts to calculate course to steer on each leg of a route.

New route library - can display several routes sumiltaneously with heading and distance for each leg.