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Owners comments and recommendations

Dehler Owners
email us and we will see if we can identify the part and suggest a supplier. We have been successful in finding some of the smaller items that Dehler have been unable to identify

MARlNA Großenbrode GmbH in Germany has been recommeneded by one of our Swedish contributors as a stockist of parts

French Marine has been recommended a Dehler owner for mail order Yanmar spares

Specific items

Water filter fitted to D35 Wilfried Oude Vrielink has fitted a water filter to the inlet side of the water pump on his Dehler 35. An image of this tidy modification can be seen in the Gallery.

Anti-syphon unit
The stainless steel anti-syphon unit on the seawater cooling outlet on our Dehler recently sprung a leak and we found that this had been casued by internal corrosion. We have repaired it by welding but this is only temporary and I am wondering if others have had the same problem. The plastic Vetus unit appears to do the same job?. Please email if you have any experience of this

Plastic hinges
We have obtained a small supply of the ivory plastic hinges used on the heads lockers of some Dehler models. (See the gallery for the an example) visit yachtingparts to order.

Dehler 34 mast step plate
Dr Neil Caldwell needed to replace the mast step plate on his Dehler 34 (see gallery image). With the assistance of Klaus Pohnert ( he sourced a replacement from:

MARINA Grosenbrode GmbH
Von-Herwarth-Strasa 37
23775 Grosenbrode

Tel: 04367 / 8004
Fax: 04367 / 8404

Dehler 35CWS bow roller


This is my one after I modified the standard anchor roller to add a second channel with it's own roller. Fits beautifully and looks great - and more importantly works well (as you can see) please if people want details - I am near Portsmouth UK and can point people at the guy who made this for me.

Mark Round

1993 Dehler 35CWS "Sirius"